'Chrisley Knows Best' Finale: The 5 Best Moments From The Season 1 Ender

The worst has happened: Chrisley Knows Best is officially done for the season. And while Chrisley Season 2 looms on the horizon, I still can’t handle how awesome this week’s finale was — and not just because it included pink cupcakes that look like tutus. Seriously, who doesn’t love pink cupcakes that look like tutus?

The first season finale put the Chrisleys in a situation we’ve seen them in before: Party planning. Todd’s in charge of putting together Chloe’s first birthday party, which sounds like a pretty easy task. How much of a party is a one year old actually going to remember? But, as Julie says, this party’s not really for oldest son Kyle’s daughter — it’s for Todd. So it quickly turns into a bet, and Todd is not, under any circumstances, allowed to use a party planner. This has to be all him.

And although the entire 30 minutes of the episode are pure gold, here are the five best moments that will make the wait for the next season So. Much. Longer:

1. Todd and Chase go on a grocery run.

This sounds simple enough, right? Wrong. First, Chase can’t even get to the store without using his GPS… wait, don’t you live here?

Once they make it to the store, Todd is absolutely baffled at the lack of name brand cookies. Gluten-free? Not good enough for the granddaughter of Todd Chrisley. Bring on the Oreos!

2. Todd’s clandestine meeting with his assistant.

Todd’s trusty assistant is just as good as calling 911 when it comes to Rich People Emergencies. She meets him in a parking lot to covertly discuss all the awesome services she’s going to call in to make the party incredible (for a child who is too young to even remember it). Because it’s not cheating if someone else hires people to make all the arrangements, right?

“Next time, don’t wait 'til the last minute,” she advises Todd. Um, yeah, good idea.

3. Of course, Savannah gets a speeding ticket.

She may have only recently turned 16, but Savannah’s definitely left her mark on the Atlanta highway patrol. After her car accident outside of Zaxby’s earlier this season, you’d think she’d learn her lesson. Nah, she’s at it again — this time getting caught going 25 over the speed limit. Yikes!

Needless to say, Savannah’s totally grounded. “I should get a governor’s award for taking you off the highway,” Todd says. If I had a dime for every time Savannah showed poor driving skills in the past eight episodes, I'd be able to invest in Chrisley & Company.

4. “She made my grandmother look like she passed out in a frat house.”

Savannah redeems herself later by offering up her services at what turned out to be an absolutely flawless birthday party for Chloe. We’re talking a train, a petting zoo complete with animals wearing hats. What could Savannah possibly have to add to a party that is worlds better than my future wedding?

Face painting — in a costume fit for a Disney princess who’s going through her rebellious phase. Although she should probably avoid art school at all costs, considering that her grandmother now looks like an elderly clown who refuses to retire, it’s a sweet gesture.

5. Todd won the bet, but Julie got the prize.

What would an episode of Chrisley Knows Best be without an extravagant gift? This time, Todd’s showing his appreciation for all the work he now knows Julie puts into the parties she plans — with a super sparkly ring.

Damn. It’s good to be a Chrisley.

Images: USA, Tumblr/PassionateSexx, Tumblr/DuchessEverAfter