'Chrisley Knows Best' is Getting a Season 2 After All & Here Are Your (Totally Fake) Spoilers

Gather ‘round, Chrisley fans, don't fret over Tuesday's Chrisley Knows Best season finale: there’s going to be a second season of Chrisley and Atlanta's most decadently blonde family is promising more sass, more Southern idioms, and more miscreant youth shenanigans than ever before.

It’s hard to imagine that Todd could pack even one more one-liner into 12 more episodes of Chrisley Knows Best, but dammit, the man is a go-getter and he will try. Say what you want about Todd Chrisley’s frequently fluctuating parenting techniques (actually you don’t need to say anything because the boob cake he gave his daughter probably said it all), but the man knows how to spark the interest of a crowd.

If you’ll be in that crowd for Tuesday's Season 1 finale, then set your DVR for a Next Season Pass, because when Chrisley comes back for it's second run, it will be even less like any other reality show on TV. (OK, technically it’s a lot like if Keeping Up With the Kardshians met Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, but the Kardashians would literally NEVER meet Honey Boo Boo, so the hyperbole still stands.) We’ve been digging up the inside scoop on Season 2 and we’re ready to answer all your burning questions — beware of [totally real, totally not fabricated at all] spoilers!

Can we expect Todd to go a little easier on the kids?

No — in fact, ole' Todd will tighten up on the reigns. No flirtation with the opposite sex is too innocent, no trip to Zaxby’s too unapproved, to not come down with the full wrath of a parent willing to implant a GPS chip into their child while sleeping. With Chase presumably at college next year, Savannah better steel herself for a period of stoic solo rebellion.

Will they really cut back on the texting and driving?

Todd and Julie promise they will. Season 1 could hardly get through an episode without someone writing a Dostoyevsky novel behind the wheel, but the Chrisleys are turning over a new leaf. The passengers, however, make no promises.

Will the Chrisleys continue to pursue Todd’s dream of opening a designer department store to rival Bergdorf Goodman?

Even though the Chrisleys filed for bankruptcy in 2012, and neither Todd nor Julie have technically been employed for the last two years, Todd told People the family will continue on with their $300,000/year clothing budget (or lack thereof). Expect even fancier variations of exercise shirts functioning as everyday shirts!

Any chance Grayson will reveal why he named his dog Miley?

We all know why he named that dog Miley. But the kid likes a bit of a mystery to his maybe-precocious-maybe-dangerous persona, so don’t expect any official confirmations.

Speaking of Grayson, what’s the word on cursing non-stop in front of the 7-year-old child?

They’re through with it. Although Todd has technically only copped to his children being called out on their profanity, he says the whole family will be working on their little four-letter habit. We know that what Todd lacks in f-bombs, he’ll make up for in inflection and sass, but what can we expect from sweet little monotone Savannah? Perhaps she can just up her headband game.

How many sexual innuendos can we be expecting per episode?

Same as this season: as many as can possibly fit in one 30-minute segment, and then one more.

Official electronics thrown into body of water count?

An educated guess, double the episodes, double the Apple products: four.

**Disclaimer: Spoilers in this post may be less serious than they appear.**

Images: USA (2); Instagram/savannahchrisley