Hot Topic Teams Up With Maleficent for Moody Teen Clothing Line

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Something about the upcoming Maleficent, out May 30, is really speaking to the fashion world. Maybe it's the fact that Angelina Jolie looks really fierce in those prosthetic cheekbones, or maybe it's because Maleficent was always secretly the most fashionable of them all. First there was a MAC x Maleficent makeup collaboration which, despite being branded with gothic raven wings, was acceptable for all ages — and now this, which will satisfy your inner teen, but not your parents.

The Maleficent movie has teamed up with Hot Topic on a line of witchy clothing, and we have to say, we're sort of loving the results. They're very Hot Topic, as in "after high school you probably can't get away with wearing Hot Topic outside the house," but they're also moody and goth-lite, as in, "Maybe we could get away with wearing some of these moody, goth-lite pieces outside the house?"

The collection comes out in May, giving you just enough time to practice rolling your eyes when your mom asks why you're wearing an "asymmetrical crow feather top." Pre-order the collection over at Hot Topic now.

Image: Disney

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