Courtney Love's Single "You Know My Name" Is Classic Courtney (In a Good Way) — LISTEN

Courtney Love's been a rock star since the world at large first started hearing her name. In recent years, though, she's been known more for her public persona than, say, her music, but she's back to making music now, though, and it ain't half bad. Love's new single's called "You Know My Name," to boot — because she's perfectly aware that you do.

The single's exactly the kind of Patti Smith-inspired, Garbage-like, Hole-nostalgic music Love's most known and loved for, and it's pretty kick-ass because of it. It's also the first music she's released since 2010's Nobody's Daughter with her former Hole bandmates. "You Know My Name" is being officially released come May 4. As Stereogum said in their review of the single, "You Know My Name" is "old-school, no-frills, no-fat punk rock with a huge, knockout hook on the chorus and a perfectly shredded vocal performance that only gets stronger as it gets more ragged."

Sometimes it's nice to know that legends still got it.

So in case you were wondering if Love spends all her time trying to solve mysteries of missing planes or hinting she's the next judge on American Idol , now you've got your answer: She is spending her days doing those things. But she's also making music that will transport you directly back to the musical glory days of the '90s. Ah, memories.