Is Frank From MTV's 'The Challenge' Sick? He Sure Doesn't Play Like It

Based on one of the previews for the third episode of MTV's The Challenge: Free Agents , it looks like Nany is going to steal the show Thursday night. However, in addition to all the rampant makeouts, there's another cast member dealing with his own issues. In a preview clip released on The Challenge: Free Agents' site, Frank Sweeney, from the 2011 The Real World season in San Diego, is seen talking on the phone with his mom, telling her about a recent doctor visit. He tells her he had an X-ray taken of his lungs and that they "look like shit." Supportive but cautious, his mom advises him to stick it out if he feels up to it and tells him he'll "get better, eventually", but warns him that he might not be able to play to the best of his abilities. He agrees, and though running around and fighting his fellow castmates probably won't help him get better, he "won't give up until he collapses."

After the clip, Laurel explains that during filming, when Frank wasn't doing challenges and eliminations and that he was bedridden for the most part.

So what exactly was wrong with him? The poor guy's got Pneumonia. Frank tweeted about his illness during last week's episode, right after bemoaning his second draw in as many weeks:

Considering the way he's been playing, you wouldn't know Frank was sick with a debilitating respiratory illness that usually knocks its victims on their asses. The Challenge is only two episodes in and Frank's already gone to — and won — the Elimination rounds in both. After busting open castmate Chet's chin during the first week, he went up against Dustin last week and beat his lanky opponent by a nose.

If his luck keeps up this way, Frank might be on his way to Elimination yet again — the question is whether he can beat a third opponent with a case of pneumonia that keeps getting "worse and worse and worse." If you ask us, he probably can — he wasn't given the nickname "Hurricane Frank" on The Real World for nothing. Though his performances in the challenges have been a bit subpar so far, all he needs to do is keep winning the Elimination rounds and he might just make it all the way to the finale. (It wouldn't be the first time.)

Images: MTV; Tumblr/MTVChallenges