Bash & Kenna’s Relationship On 'Reign' Can Work: Here’s Why

Reign, The CW’s very loose historical interpretation on the life of Mary, Queen of Scots, is heating up the screen with enough deception and scandal to make every episode feel like a season finale. There’s been murder, treason, pagan witchcraft, and lots and lots of sex. The latest pairing finds King Henry II of France’s bastard son Sebastian (Torrance Coombs) hitched to Mary’s lady-in-waiting Kenna (Caitlin Stasey). Could their relationship be the one we end up rooting for?

King Henry (Alan van Sprang), in his recent bout of lunacy, decreed that Bash and Kenna be married, and bestowed upon his son a title of no meaning. Bash had his eyes set on Mary, who recently married his brother, legitimate heir to the throne, Prince Francis (Toby Regbo). Kenna wanted an official place as Henry’s mistress, but made it clear she would at least settle for a prominent man with a title. So, neither got what they wanted. Once they get over their less than ideal beginnings however, they may actually have a chance at being the show’s best, albeit somewhat dysfunctional relationship. Here's why.

Second Place is just the first place loser

Both Bash and Kenna know what it’s like to have their love rebuffed. They have felt rejection. It’s not the most ideal place to find common ground, and no one goes out looking for a permanent rebound. But that’s what they got. With their backs against the wall, they will eventually begin to lean against each other for support. Also, you know what second place winners tend to avoid? Coming in second place — twice. It’s one thing to be the guy who lusts after your brother’s wife and the girl who tried and failed to reach permanent side chick status (seriously, who fails at that). Neither wants to go down as failing at marriage as well. They will find a way to coexist.

They are Henry II & Catherine, Part Two

Reign’s current reigning King and Queen, Henry II and Catherine (Megan Follows), are a formidable duo to say the least. In private quarters they may not be able to stomach each other for too long, but when it counts the most, after all attempts to circumvent and/or harm the other have been properly vetted, they always have each other’s backs. And their relationship was also brought about as a result of circumstances.

Henry has his flings, but when a real hurdle endangers the throne, he runs to his wife. Bash is likely to have his fair share of problems, and if he wants to rescue what remains of his relationship with his brother, he’ll eventually have to turn to someone other than Mary. Catherine schemes like no other and it’s generally for the furtherance of her bloodline and position. Kenna is equally ambitious. She doesn’t have the skills to go toe-to-toe with Catherine just yet, however with her new lot in life, look out for Kenna to try and make sure that she and her husband hold a position of respect within the Court. We could even see Kenna setting in motion a plot to have him crowned as King, and on this show, nothing is too crazy.

A power couple has to have a solid relationship. It doesn’t have to be love by traditional standards. But respect and understanding are at the foundation, and with that base, who could really count them out?

That’s Cash, with a K.

We’re not suggesting that they’ll work out simply because their ‘shipper name wins. But it surely couldn’t hurt. Do you remember how happy you were when you realized that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez broke up and we no longer had ‘Bennifer’ in our lives? Didn’t it seem like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were meant to be because a portmanteau as perfect as Brangelina doesn’t happen by chance? Ezria, Delena, Haleb – all gold, and now Kash.

Images: The CW