"Why I'm A Feminist" Video from YouTube Celebrity Laci Green Is Awesomely On Point

To anyone paying attention to the world, it seems pretty clear that there are a lot of reasons to be a feminist. And yet somehow feminists find themselves constantly having to justify their reasons for being feminists, because, and I'm quoting someone I met in real life here, "Sexism doesn't exist anymore." I'll give you a few moments to roll your eyes. Take all the time you need.

But the next time someone tries to question the need for feminism, you can have them take five minutes to watch this handy dandy video from vlogger Laci Green on some of the many reasons why feminism is important. The video talks about everything from sexual assault to jobs to gender roles to the fact that hundreds of bills regulating women's bodies are being introduced each year, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. But the main gist of it, as Green herself says in the closing, is that when it comes to gender equality "we're not there yet."

Laci Green is a long time sex vlogger and one of the few women YouTube celebrities. Though she's received plenty of criticism in the past for some very problematic comments, her sex-positive videos continue to reach hundreds of thousands of viewers. She's a huge proponent of consent, safe sex, and now, it seems, feminism. Hooray!

So check out her video to see some of her reasons for being a feminist. You might learn some things, too — for instance, I had no idea a male orgasm gives a movie an automatic PG-13 rating, while female orgasms must be rated R. Oh the world we live in.