Tokyo's Moomin Cafe Pairs Solo Diners With Giant Stuffed Animals, #ForeverAlone

Japan is truly full of wonders — this IKEA-decorated subway train or this island full of cute bunnies are proof. But the land of the quirky might just have outdone itself with Tokyo's Moomin Café, which seats solo diners with stuffed animal versions of characters from The Moomins , a Swedish-Finnish book and television series. If this is your first introduction to these animated critters, make sure to watch this short clip for some guaranteed adorableness.

Leave it to the Japanese to set up a whole cafe dedicated to a children's series. Personally, sitting across from a giant hippopotamus-like creature would just make me feel more weird about eating alone. Besides, when did taking yourself out for a meal become so taboo?

Spending time out of your apartment alone can actually be really fun: you can sit wherever you want in the movie theater and have all the popcorn to yourself, or you can sit at the bar in a nice restaurant and strike up a conversation with your cute waiter, or simply enjoy your meal with no distractions — after all, no company is always better than bad company. And if you really, truly, can't stand taking yourself out on a date, you could always consider hiring a friend! Whatever you do, please don't bring an oversized stuffed animal to sit at your table. It's depressing. See?