Why We're Obsessed With This 'GoT' Star

The more keen-eyed among viewers of HBO's Game of Thrones may have noticed that one of the show's actors completely changed appearance in the break between Seasons 3 and 4. Game of Thrones' recast Daario Naharis, Dany's newest (and sexiest) advisor, went from looking like the cover of a mommy porn paperback to a ruggedly handsome — and deadly — sellsword. Which is a step up in our opinion. (Though for some reason the character still lacks his signature blue hair, forked beard, and gold teeth. Strange.) So what happened? Did Daario get some plastic surgery on the way to conquer Meereen? Nope. The Fabio lookalike decided to go and star in the next Transporter movie instead and the GoT producers replaced him with this new iteration. And we're obsessed.

The Tyroshi lieutenant Daario is now played by 32-year-old Michiel Huisman, taking over the role from Ed Skrein. The change-up was not acknowledged in the context of the show, and the swap may have proved jarring for those viewers who don't follow behind-the-scenes drama. Fortunately, Daario was still a relatively minor character at the time, having only appeared in three episodes, and he doesn't become a major player until this season. Soon, audiences will have forgotten all about the Fabio debacle and they'll fully embrace Huisman in the role. As well they should.

Here are the reasons why we can't possible get enough Michiel Huisman in our lives:

1. He's Dutch. And Dutch people are sexy.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Just ask Famke Janssen — also from the Netherlands.

2. He was in a band called Fontane.

His former bandmates have the amazing names of Gilles Tuinder, Bas van Geldere (who I hope played the bass), and Roland van der Hoofd. Seriously, van der Hoofd. Obsessed.

3. He's a loving husband and father. (Dammit.)

Sorry, ladies. He's taken. That's his wife Tara Elders there on the left, in the Dutch romantic comedy Phileine Says Sorry — the film where she and Huisman met and fell in love. They got married in 2008 in a secret ceremony and now have a daughter named Hazel Huisman. Gotta love that alliteration.

4. He's Rupert Friend's brother.

Okay, not really. But he did get to play Rupert Friend's brother in his first Hollywood film, The Young Victoria. His other American film credits include World War Z and The Woman in Black.

5. He's been on HBO before.

His real-life musical talent helped land him on the network's jazz-infused series Treme, where he played Sonny, a street musician from Amsterdam (imagine that) whose drug addiction causes him personal and professional problems.

6. He made us swoon on Nashville.

Huisman next made a living on another music-themed show, ABC's Nashville. He recurred on the series as Sonny, Rayna's music producer and sometimes-fling. Sadly, Sonny ran off to Tokyo after Rayna caught him with Scarlett, and he'll probably be too busy in Meereen to make it back to Tennessee anytime soon.

7. He's a member of Clone Club.

Out newest Dutch obsession is joining our newest geek obsession this year. Huisman is joining Season 2 of Orphan Black in a cryptic role: Carl Morrison, who's only described as "a rugged, resourceful outdoorsman with surprising emotional depth and a sixth sense about people and situations." (Our theory? He's Kira's father.)

8. He's a beast in the gym.

Gotta build up that Westerosi physique. (I can practically hear Katy Perry's "Roar" blasting in the background, can't you?)

9. He kisses his weapons for good luck...

...he fells his enemies with one blow...

...and he looks good doing it.

We'll let Daenerys sum up our feelings here:

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