Wes Anderson Meets 'Forrest Gump'

Wes Anderson is one of the most distinctive styles of modern film. As such, one reliable source of entertainment is to take that distinctive style and apply it to the preexisting styles of other things. Hence the joy that comes from this Wes Anderson-styled Forrest Gump .

The video comes via filmmaker Louis Paquet, who really nails the Anderson mise-en-scene, from the font, to the yellow, to the heavy use of symmetry. So life's still like a box of chocolates, but this time around that box is positioned perfectly in the center and its chocolate laid out in perfect — and symmetrical, of course — lines.

This video raises a lot of questions, too — not about itself but about what other films or projects could have the Wes Anderson trademark style applied to them. Mean Girl? Hannibal? The Lord of the Rings?

The options are pretty much endless, but I'd like to nominate those listed above, as well as: Mad Men, Scandal, The Hunger Games, Wolf Of Wall St., Girls, The Other Woman, The Avengers, Zero Dark Thirty. I could keep going, but I'll just leave you with the image of an Anderson-ized Game Of Thrones.

Image: Louis Paquet/Vimeo