9 Incredibly Sexist Mother's Day Gifts You Won't Believe Are For Sale

We've already told you what to get your mom for Mother's Day, what to get your mom for Mother's Day if you waited until the last minute, and what card to pair with whichever present you decided on. Well, in case you haven't had enough hand holding with regards to this holiday, here is a list of the most sexist Mother's Day gift options — please add them to your "Do not buy" list. And while you're at it? Don't buy these cards either.

Free Wings at Hooters

Yes, moms get a free entree at Hooters this Mothers Day. But is objectifying women really what mom wants?

Image: Facebook/Hooters

A Vacuum Cleaner

Generally anything that’s going to cause mom more work is not going to be a great gift.

Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Mr. Clean

Things that are not gifts: cleaning products. Alternative: offer to do the cleaning!

Image: Mr. Clean

An Oven Mitt

Just because it says “Mom” on it, doesn’t mean it’s a great gift. Mom should be appreciated for more than reaching in the oven.

Image: CafePress

Super Cute Dishwashing Gloves

Oooh gloves for chores! Mom will probably forget how much housework sucks if she has something pretty on her fingers…

Image: Design Trends Blog

Voice-Activated To Do List recommends this Mother’s Day gift because “it puts together a to-do list that can include groceries, errands, and chores.” Is that all mom is good for?

Image: Brookstone

Hot Pink Pepper Spray

Remind mom she’s a potential victim of violent crimes against women, but in a cute way.


The Inch-Master

Notice mom’s clothes looking a little tight? This gift is sure to offend in more ways than one.

Image: QCI Direct

A Teddy Bear

If mom is old enough to have children, she probably doesn’t want to be infantilized by receiving a kid’s toy for a gift.

Image: The Collectors Hub