Frank's Unlucky Day on 'The Challenge: Free Agents' Creates More Focus on Female Competitors

So far, on this season on The Challenge: Free Agents, the luck of "The Draw" has been the most random act of fate for the players. However, on Thursday's episode, it was Frank's viral infection that had the biggest impact on the challenge and the elimination. The veteran player was sent home for an illness that was highly contagious. His forced forfeit then left the game one man down, creating an imbalance in all elements of the competition.

Though it was disappointing to see Frank go down without a fight, as he's proven himself this season to be one of the strongest competitors, it did shift the focus onto the female elimination. Since Frank was sent home early, only three guys were sent into The Draw. When none of them selected the kill card, all of the guys got off scott-free. As The Challenge often dedicates most of its time to the physical prowess of the male competitors and the nasty name-calling between the female competitors, it was refreshing to have so much attention paid to two very strong women.The elimination game of "Looper" between Cara Maria and Nia went on for over an hour and showcased each player's athleticism and determination.

The episode opened with a raunchy faux wedding between Cohutta and Nany ("strippers" and all) and closed with a battle-to-the-bitter-end between two of the show's fiercest women. All in all, The Challenge is shaping up to be the women's game. Especially since Chet and Frank were both sent home for medical reasons. Heck, even CT and Jordan were disqualified during the "Bar Crawl" game. With the way the game is going, it looks like we will have a female ultimate Free Agent. Bring it!

Image: MTV