'Once Upon A Time' Season 3 Spoilers Reveal Glinda's Debut & Danger for 2 Main Characters

The battle is on and it looks like the Wicked Witch plans to take plenty of prisoners. The promo for Sunday night's new episode of Once Upon A Time , "A Curious Thing," has two series regulars in grave danger. Is there another big death in Storybrooke's future? The war between wicked and evil is still waging in ABC's latest promo and it'll finally draw a highly anticipated character out of the woodwork — Sunny Mabry will make her OUAT debut as Glinda the Good Witch on Sunday night. And we have so many questions about what's about to go down.

The promo for "A Curious Thing" reveals that we're going to be getting a good look at the missing year and some of Zelena's most wicked moments. There's a particularly troubling scene of Zelena telling a pregnant Snow that her baby "shall do quite nicely" while touching her stomach. Is it ever going to get less creepy that she wants to use their baby to complete a spell? Probably not. And a lot of menacing words from the Wicked Witch to Regina and Emma regarding what true evil looks like.

So what's the big news here — since it's definitely not that Zelena is a psychopath, because we already knew that. First, Glinda the Good Witch is here — yay! She emerges from a snow flurry in a very Elsa-in-Frozen-like way that's mesmerizing, but unfortunately, she's the bearer of bad news. Glinda's powers aren't strong enough to help Charming and Snow stop the Wicked Witch from snatching up their baby. Bummer.

But what's an even BIGGER bummer is that Zelena's fast-tracked her plan of total world destruction. Her newly minted minion, Hook, didn't use his cursed lips to zap Emma's powers fast enough, so she's taken Henry hostage. And now she's going to have to start killing people. First your heart and now Henry? You really need to step your game up, Regina — the fate of the fairytale world is resting on your shoulders, girl.

The promo alludes to an "ultimate sacrifice" and we flash from Charming collapsing in the fairytale world to Henry getting choked-out by Zelena and getting beamed-up in a green ray of light. Obviously Charming didn't die in the Enchanted Forest, because he's very much alive in Storybrooke in the present day — so what's the meaning of his collapse? And will Zelena actually kill Henry? God, it's so like that kid to finally become relevant to the story again just because he's about to die.

By the way, is Glinda related to Regina and Zelena? Their names do all end with "A"s and we know how abandoning your children is kind of Cora's 'ish.

Watch the promo here:

Image: ABC