11 Times This "Fancy/"Boyfriend" Mashup Would Be the Perfect Song Choice

I take mashups very seriously, so few things piss me off like a weak mashup. But @theallyjackson's mashup of Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX’s “Fancy” and Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” is not a weak mashup. It is an incredible mashup. I can’t listen to "Fancy"/"Boyfriend" loud enough. Those “Fancy” snaps plus that “Boyfriend” water droplet noise? Oof. Really speaks to a specific part of my heart. Bravo, @theallyjackson. Thank you for sharing, Popdust.

My initial reaction: I need to go to a club, demand the DJ play this on a loop, and dance under the strobe lights and fog machines until my feet bleed.

My second reaction: I want to listen to "Fancy"/"Boyfriend" always. But I can't just play it on a loop 24/7. The neighbors would worry. So I got creative. I came up with a handful of situations when listening to "Fancy/Boyfriend" on repeat would make the most sense/be perfect. Don't worry, I'm going to share them with you now:

When You’re Cruising Into the Grocery Store Parking Lot

Roll those windows down. Let everyone know you mean business. Snag that last spot.

When You’re Folding Laundry

Fold those t-shirts to the beat. Get those creases looking sharp!

While You're Cleaning Up Dog Poop in Your Backyard

"I'm so fancy," you'll sing along as you scoop up the turds. You'll feel good. And then, you'll say "poo, poo, poo" in the style of the aforementioned "Boyfriend" water droplet noise. You'll feel GREAT.

While Your Cleaning Out Your Inbox and Junk Folder

Before you know it, your unread message count will be zero.

During a Graduation Ceremony

I know Pomp and Circumstance is a classic graduation tune, but you've got to admit watching a bunch of grads accepting their diplomas to "Fancy"/"Boyfriend" on repeat would be some next level shit.

While You’re Waiting For Your Tea to Steep/Soup to Cool/Oven to Preheat

Being patient is tough, but time flies when you're bouncing your shoulders to "Fancy"/"Boyfriend."

During a Long Flight

Have yourself the best flight ever. Crank the volume of the headphones to the point where you can't hear yourself crunching on airplane peanuts. Get PUMPED and stay PUMPED. By the time the plane lands, you'll be so pumped you won't even care when the guy sitting in front of you accidentally hits you in the face with his backpack.

When You’re Trying Decide If You Want Ham Or Turkey On Your Sandwich

You don't have to choose "Fancy" or "Boyfriend." You can have both. Similarly, you don't have to choose ham or turkey. You can have both. Never forget that.

When It's Your Turn To Bat

This one goes out to all of the pro baseball players out there: request the field play this mashup as you walk up to the plate. It'll get your head in the game.

As the Soundtrack of A Slide Show Presentation

People will LISTEN to your presentation. People will be FEELING your presentation. People might even start DANCING to your presentation.

In a Club

Sorry, I'm not about to let go of my fog machine/strobe light/bloody feet "Fancy"/"Boyfriend" fantasy.