Cliven Bundy Now Has A Theme Tune: 'Bunkerville Song,' By A Conservative Husband-And-Wife Duo

Recently, things haven't been so hot for anti-government cattle rancher Cliven Bundy. Once hailed by the Right as a valiant everyman in his standoff against the federal Bureau of Land Management, his status as a conservative folk-hero has been dashed by the extremely racist remarks he made Saturday. As reported Wednesday, Bundy announced black people may have been "better off as slaves" as opposed to accepting government subsidies.

But surely he can take some solace in knowing not all his followers will abandon him, right? The ultimately unsuccessful attempt to round up and confiscate Bundy's cattle, performed by federal agents in mid-April, clearly fired up a huge base of the small-government conservative grassroots. Just because the man one of the protest's organizers dubbed the modern-day Rosa Parks thinks slavery wasn't all that bad, it doesn't mean he'll be completely abandoned. Unfortunately.

An example of two such fired-up members of Team Bundy: Paula and Wayne Carson, a married conservative musical duo. They've gifted us all with the definitive ode to Bundy and his supporters' armed resistance to the government's cattle gather. It's the square-jawed sincerity, in spite of low production value, that really shines through — by Wayne's claim in the comments on his video, he and his wife recorded all the instruments and vocals themselves, and layered them together.

Audio-Audition Digital Studios on YouTube
Are you heading to Bunkerville... to stand up and fight? Are you heading to Bunkerville... for your freedom and rights? Are you heading to Bunkerville... stand up with me, two-hundred years of history, in the land of the free.

Can't you feel your heart swell? If not, considering how much of the video's frame is taken up by the American flag, maybe you're just not patriotic enough.

Of course, not everybody is so thrilled with the brave heroes of Bunkerville. Least of all, according to the district's Representative Steven Horsford, Bundy's neighbors. As he described on The Rachel Maddow Show Thursday night, many of the people who live alongside Bundy are getting a little tired of his attendant armed militia.

In case you're wondering what the man himself has been up to, amid all the recent controversy — Cliven Bundy doubled down on his racist remarks Thursday, insisting he was only "wondering" whether government subsidies were worse for black people than slavery.