Chrissie Fit Joins 'Pitch Perfect 2' Cast & It's, Wait for It, Aca-Mazing (Nailed It)

Meet the newest Barden bella! Chrissie Fit will join the cast of Pitch Perfect 2 , as a yet-to-be determined character, but we do know we'll get to hear her vocal prowess. New info about the upcoming movie just makes us even more psyched — and hey, May is right around the corner, so the movie's release is just over a year away!

Fit has a diverse resume — the tween crowd may know her from Disney's Teen Beach Movie, and soap opera aficionados may know her from General Hospital. Others may know her from the 2012 Sundance flick Filly Brown . Regardless, she'll definitely become a household face now (well, at least in the households that watch Pitch Perfect and have aca-parties) with her involvement in this super-popular franchise. Also of note: the actress has been singing since she was 5, and now she's 30, so that makes for 25 years of singing experience. Further, she's definitely been cast in the right movie for showing off those vocal chops.

We've been excited about the movie since we knew it was happening, and then with Anna Kendrick's enthusiasm about the movie and Rebel Wilson's recent posting of a behind-the-scenes photo, we've only gotten even more pumped for the sequel to the aca-mazing original. Now we're just left wondering who these new characters are — and what the music will be. Til then, we can reminisce with this:

Rouven ^-^ on YouTube

(And by the way, anyone who wants to form an interim happy hour a cappella group 'til the movie comes out... I'm a mezzo soprano, but I've got all sorts of vocal capabilities after a few margaritas.)