Dave Grohl Says Lorde Has An "Incredible Future," To Which We Say "Duh"

It looks like Lorde has taken Dave Grohl's household by storm. On the heels of Lorde performing "All Apologies" with the living members of Nirvana at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, the rock god sings (ha, sorry) the New Zealand pop star's praises in Rolling Stone. Not only does he think she's a seriously talented young lady who "represented the Nirvana aesthetic," but he also sees her as a beacon of hope for his children.

Grohl says he was with his daughters the first time he heard the 17-year-old singer on the radio. As his daughters sang along, Grohl "was so happy and relieved that [his] two girls were singing a popular song on the radio that had some substance and some depth, which [he] considered to be healthy for them as kids."

"I know that sounds kind of parent-ish," he adds.

The Foo Fighters frontman is not a Top 40 fan, but he makes an exception for Lorde. He recalls "Royals" being "sandwiched between all of that other stripper pop" and says, "I was so fucking relieved. I thought, 'Hey, this might be another revolution.'"

I love a lot of Top 40 music, so I couldn't help but bristle at this. But then I chilled out. If Rock God Dave Grohl doesn't like pop music, Rock God Dave Grohl doesn't like pop music. So be it.

"She has an incredible future ahead of her as a writer, performer and vocalist," he says.

YUP. We couldn't agree more, Mr. Grohl.