5 Questions 'Southern Charm' Cast Reunion Needs To Answer ASAP

There’s nothing better than a man with Southern Charm. Well, except for a trip to the gynecologist’s office, being attacked by bears, and dying alone. But despite the fact that the guys of Bravo’s latest reality home run have proven to be quite a crop of sleezebags, we can’t help but want more. And fortunately, we’re getting it: In the form of Monday's Southern Charm cast reunion episode.

After the season finale — which is hopefully not a series finale — we’ve been left with a lot of questions. Our only hope at getting answers? The reunion, of course! And oh the territory we've traversed, from that time Thomas hooked up with Kathryn, to the time Craig wanted to hook up with Kathryn, to the time Shep hooked up with Kathryn, to the time Whitney totally hooked up with Kathryn but swore he didn't. Alright, so there was a whole lotta Kathryn going around this season. And all that movin' and shakin' has left us with quite a few unanswered questions. Here are just a few of the many, many questions we’re hoping we get answers to Monday night:

What in the world happened with Kathryn and Thomas?

That ending, am I right? Right after Thomas so epically ends things with his 21-year-old redheaded firecracker — with much weeping from both parties — we flash forward to nine months later… when Thomas is cuddling his and Kathryn’s baby. Um, WHAT? You guys just broke up.

Now I need to know what exactly happened , down to the last detail. How did they reunite? How long were they broken up? Are they married? Do they plan to get married? What does the baby’s nursery look like? Is a play date with Prince George scheduled? I need answers!

Does Shep ever settle down?

I’m assuming the answer to this question is a resounding "no," but I have to ask anyway. The last time we saw him, he was juggling, like, 90 girls while simultaneously pissing Danni off with his antics. Will he go back to Danni, or will he get into a serious relationship with one of the girls he invited to Whitney’s housewarming-slash-July-4th party?

Or, much more likely, is he still single and making a total ass of himself on a regular basis?

Did Jenna stay in Charleston, or did she reunite with her boyfriend?

Jenna the Charleston newcomer (and the only girl in town who dared to shirk the Lilly Pulitzer lifestyle) is not only mysteriously rich, but also mysteriously attached. Is she still with rocker boyfriend Ronnie Radke? Has she moved out of Charleston for good to be near him? I wouldn’t be surprised if the drama of the summer sent her packing.

Has Whitney moved back in with his mom yet?

Now that Whitney has his Cameran-sold, mother not approved bachelor pad, I can’t help but wonder if he’s stuck it out in his new place. He seemed like he was super ready to fly the nest and make his new so-called “Stabbin’ Cabin” his own.

But his super classy mom, who presumably knows her son better than anyone, insists that it’s only a matter of time before he comes back home with his tail between his legs. And secretly, I hope he does. Whitney’s proved to be a less admirable Chuck Bass, and I kind of want to see him fail. Is that bad?

Is Cameran still in real estate?

Cameran Eubanks is not only the most tolerable member of the Southern Charm gang, but also my favorite. While her friends did what they could to create a swirling superstorm of drama and not giving a damn, Cameran instead fearlessly pursued a career in real estate with one of the highest pressure firms in South Carolina.

And now that Eubanks is married, I have to wonder — did she stick with the real estate game, or is she into something else now? I’d be super surprised if she’s settled into the comfortable married life without chasing after her own career dreams, too. Especially since she has that slammin’ new car (instead of an "ol' hooptie").

Images: Bravo (2), Tumblr/BriceSander