You're Welcome For Inspiring 'Animal House': 17 Things Whitewater, Wisconsin Natives Understand

Maybe you've never heard of Whitewater, Wisconsin. But from our historic connection to the classic film Animal House to our nickname as "The Second Salem," there a few things you should learn if you ever want to attend one of the rad college parties we're known for. If you grew up in Whitewater — or are lucky enough to live there now — you know what I'm talking about. There are some things only we natives can truly understand.

You know that Animal House was based off of our university


Belushi spent a year at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater — mostly skipping classes and rebelliously growing his hair out, but still — and the classic was partly based off of his time at the school. The word around town is that the Hamilton House on Whitewater's Main St. is the original Animal House.

And speaking of the Hamilton House...

DanielSimpsonDayye on YouTube

It was apparently the home of the iconic Animal House scene featuring D-Day's motorcycle star-climb and infamous "throat playing." Legend has it, the tire marks are still visible on the stairs. Today, the house is a bed & breakfast. Oh, how the times have changed.

You know that Some of the city is built on top of American Indian Burial Mounds


American Indians originally lived in Whitewater and named the city for the white sands they found circling Whitewater Lake. When the town was colonized, many graves were left behind in what are known today as the Mounds. The most expensive houses in town are built right on top of them. (Nice.)

your high school mascot was a whippet

No, not the inhalant. It's "a dog of a small slender breed originally produced as a cross between the greyhound and the terrier or spaniel, bred for racing."

You know Gus' Pizza Palace is the place to be after any sporting event


Beaten-up booths and a country music laden jukebox? Sign us up. Anyone who's somebody makes a point to dive into a greasy piece at Gus' after high school football games.

The idea of a Spiritualist college is totally normal to you


According to local lore, Morris Pratt came to be after psychic Mary Hayes discovered iron ore in the area. Class lectures focused on all kinds of psychic subjects, and there was even a room specified for seances, called the "all white" room.

you sort of think you live above a series of underground passageways


As a high school student, my crew spent a lot of time philosophizing on where those tunnels were, and how we could get into them. Unfortunately, after many false leads and late-night searches, we never found them.

you know what it's like to have more than one rad sports team

Including one of the best wheelchair basketball teams in the country. And of course, UW-Whitewater is home to a number of national champions — football, 2013; gymnastics, 2014; men's basketball, 2014 — just to name a few. #Warhawks4lyfe

If you're not involved with FFA, then you're kind of missing out


The FFA (Future Farmers of America) is always doing the coolest things. With only a little bit of exaggeration, I'd say more than half of the high school was involved at some point.

you know you've got the best-tasting water around


Thanks to our natural flowing artesian well, of course. It's not a real summer weekend without a trip to the magical well that spouts the best drinking water you'll ever taste. Of course, you'll need a local to help you find your way there.

you think it's normal to have an entire road dedicated to bars


It's called "A Run," and it's conveniently located right off of County Road A in the outer limits of the city. Free shots with every touchdown, $2 drink specials, and ending-score raffles? Yes please.

You've wiped out on Tripp Lake Sledding Hill


Possibly the most dangerous hill in town, it's also awesome for sledding.

You're creeped out by The mysterious water tower...


In the center of town in Starin Park, there lives a mysterious water tower.

...and the iron fence around it with spikes facing inward, rather than outward

It's almost like it's trying to keep something in.

you know there are three cemeteries in town that form an isosceles triangle

Resting grounds for three resident witches, obviously.

every summer, you wait for all of the college kids to go home


We've got nothing against you, drunk Warhawks (in fact a lot of us are you) but Whitewater sure is a fantastic place to be in the summer, all creepy witchcraft stories aside.

and most of all, spooky or not, you know there's no place like Whitewater

Gotta love this town.