'DWTS' Danica McKellar & Val Chmerkovskiy Should Definitely Start Dating

This season of Dancing With The Stars has done us a huge favor: DWTS brought the beautiful Danica McKellar back into our lives. Of course, we say she's back because we once fell for her charms when she was busy being Fred Savage's dream girl on The Wonder Years. (Cue inner monologue sequence.) And not only has the artist formerly known as Winnie Cooper proved she’s an amazing dancer — she’s also convinced us that she should definitely date her partner. While we once 'shipped Winnie and Kevin Arnold (before 'shipping was even a thing), we're not convinced she belongs with her esteemed DWTS dance partner Val Chmerkovskiy. Why are Danica and Val meant to be? I thought it was rather obvious at this point, but in case you need proof, I’ll tell you:

They are both single.

Before I can even begin to think about these two in a relationship, I have to make sure all parties are free from romantic ties. And guess what? They are. Danica divorced husband Mike Verta in 2012, and since he was a composer, we know she goes for the artistic types. Enter Val, who tells Social Life Magazine he’s single, too. Step one in matchmaking: Complete.

They have crazy chemistry.

Val and Danica might look like an adorable couple on the dance floor, but it’s their crazy natural chemistry that really tells me they’d be good together. In Val’s blog for Today, he admitted that when partners were switched up on the show, it only brought him closer to Danica.

Yes, I let her know I had a great dance with Meryl, but I also let Danica know that I’m committed to her, I love her and I let her know that she is amazing and that she is my priority. I know there were so many things she wanted to say. But she stuck in there and pulled it out for herself and for me.

Do you hear wedding bells, or is it just me?

Val’s had a crush on Danica since he was a kid.

When Val and Danica were first paired up, Val wasn’t a stranger to his new doe-eyed math master of a partner. He knew right from the get go that he was lucky to have her — because teenage Val had a huge crush on Winnie Cooper.

“I remember being young and in love with her character,” Val reminisced to Access Hollywood.

All together now: “Aww.”

They hang out outside of DWTS events.

You might think that between performances and long hours practicing their steps that Danica and Val would be sick of each other, but it sounds like these two just can’t get enough. In March, Danica and Val were spotted out for lunch with fellow contestants (and Val’s brother) Maks Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis.

They already love each other.

It’s easy to see from the way they look at each other on-screen each week that there’s something going on behind the scenes. Danica and Val are obviously partners in way more than just dance. In the same interview with Access Hollywood where Val admitted his childhood crush on Danica, Danica revealed that the feelings are mutual. “I got the best one,” she said.

Plus, Val and Danica already know each other so well. This means that if they do decide to get together, there will be no awkward first date, no weird getting-to-know-you period. Just easy, simple, attractive coupledom. Forever and ever.

Now kiss.

Images: ABC (2), Tumblr/DWTSGifs , Tumblr/Ultraec