Geek Girls, Your Anthem Has Arrived

If you're into comic books, science fiction, gaming or other "geek" pursuits, you've likely heard about the "fake geek girl" controversy, which basically entailed a dude writing a CNN op-ed decrying attractive women who are into cosplay because they're not authentically or emphatically "geeky" enough. It's been a source of contention in the geek community for about a year, most recently with "fake geek girl" stickers used to harass women at a recent convention.

The Doubleclicks, a pair of folk-singing sisters from Portland, have had enough of the debate about girls in geek culture. So, they created an awesome music video for their song "Nothing To Prove," complete with fan submissions from women and men, holding positive, supportive signs.

Check it out:

Pretty cool, right? Even if you're not a geek, it's awesome to see a group of people proudly expressing their identities and supporting both commonality and uniqueness among geeks.