6 Cartoon Homes We Wish Were Real

by Jenny Jaffe

The Parents of the Year award goes to California couple Hosam Haggog and Fatima Rahman, for painting the family home to look like one from their kids' favorite movie, Pixar's Up. The Biggest Party Poopers of the Year award goes to Haggog and Rahman's neighbors, who are up in arms that the couple would change up the look of the neighborhood.

Apparently, the Old Quad neighborhood of Santa Clara, CA, is comprised of centuries-old Victorian homes, a particular point of pride for the area. So the idea that anyone would veer from the traditional Victorian look- even though it's not hurting anyone, even though it's to make their kids happy- is an absolute affront to the grumpy old fogies next door. (Ironically enough, they'd probably get along pretty well with Carl Fredricksen, the owner of the real Up house.)

Even if the neighbors just don't understand, we totally do. Cartoon characters get to live in some pretty sweet digs, and we can't help but be jealous! First they get to never get hurt, then they get to never grow old, and now they get to live in the most awesome house on the planet? No fair!

Here are just a few of the animated abodes that we wish were real.

Hey Arnold's Bedroom

I never got over my childhood envy of Arnold's epic skylit pad. It even had a murphy couch. A MURPHY COUCH!

The Jetsons' House

It's 2014! Why isn't this just reality, yet?

Jack's House From The Nightmare Before Christmas

Spooky and foreboding, and yet fit for a Pumpkin King, the middle school goth in me will always want to live in Jack's personal haunted house.

The Little Mermaid's Atlantis

And also Atlantis' Atlantis, I guess

Elsa's Ice Castle from Frozen

If I were Elsa, I would never have gone back to Arendelle- puns aside, that ice palace is so much cooler.

Images: NBC 4 Bay Area; Hey Arnold/Nickelodeon; The Jetsons/Hanna-Babera Productions; The Nightmare Before Christmas/Buena Vista Pictures; Disney/giphy.com