Spoilers For 'The Originals' Hint At A 'Vampire Diaries' Crossover: 5 Series Predictions

Can you believe that there are only three episodes left of The CW's breakout 2013-14 series The Originals? Neither can we, but the vampire drama is starting to make it's final big push towards an epic season finale. On Tuesday's new Originals episode, "A Closer Walk With Thee," we're going to see the community come together to honor Father Kieran, and things will obviously be complicated. And in a foreboding turn of events, the episode also boasts the return of the worst father of all time: Mikael Mikaelson.

We're really not surprised that things are going to get worse in New Orleans following last Tuesday's werewolf bombing that threatened Hayley's life. This is The Originals, after all, and the bad always has to get worse — hence the return of Mikael. But, we're coming up on "A Closer Walk With Thee" with two huge questions from last Tuesday: Who is Oliver working with? And what the hell does that key open?

It looks like the series might be dropping a few hints as to what the answers to those questions might be — I mean, we all wanted to know why Marcel thought he needed to steal and hide that key, right? And on top of everything else, there's a witchy power struggle to worry about and Hayley is going to get into yet another pregnancy-threatening confrontation. Does it ever get better on The Originals? Here's the synopsis for "A Closer Walk With Thee":

Hayley confronts a surprising enemy as she and her unborn baby fall into peril during a celebratory wake to honor a fallen member of the community. In order to save Hayley, Klaus and Elijah enlist the help of Genevieve who struggles to maintain control over Davina and the other young witches. Cami (Leah Pipes) tells Marcel that Francesca (Peta Sargent) is determined to find a mysterious key that may unlock a family secret. Meanwhile, as Klaus suffers from nightmares of his father Mikael (Sebastian Roche), he is forced to examine his troubled relationship with his own adoptive son, Marcel.

There's a lot to jump off of here, so let's get started shall we?

A Vampire Diaries Crossover

I mean, we wish, right? But in all seriousness — with all of the drama that's going on with the Other Side on TVD, it seems like too big of a coincidence that Mikael is making a return to Klaus' subconscious. Well, if it's his subconscious at all because it sure seems like Mikael is after Hayley as well. We're not saying that it could happen in the next three episodes, but bringing Mikael back at this point might be hinting at some future Klaroline action in Season 2.

Francesca Bombed The Wolves

Does that woman give anyone else the creeps? We haven't really seen much of Francesca since she signed Elijah's peace treaty, but she's obviously been up to something, right? And if she's hunting down Father Kieran's key, we're willing to bet that there's something up with her and that Marcel anticipated this. So, if she's already being shady, who's to say that she's not the secret, extreme ally that Oliver teamed up with to dethrone Hayley and Jackson? Thinking logically, obviously no vampire, witch, or werewolf would blow themselves up for the sake of a cause — but a human, it seems likely.

Genevieve Is Going To Die

It's only a matter of time before the Harvest is complete. And for that to happen, Genevieve needs to go back to where she came from — the grave. If Davina's rising to power, whether she should usurp Genevieve or not, that means that the elder witch is definitely on her way out. And if Davina doesn't do it, we all know Monique will.

Monique Is The "Surprising Enemy"

Surprising because she's so not who Hayley would expect — but we're not surprised at all. That girl is pure evil and we all already know that she believes that the Elders want the hybrid baby dead. And because she's the absolute worst, she would totally confront Hayley while her guard is down.

There's More To Know About Father Kieran

That key definitely doesn't unlock anything benevolent. C'mon, people — this is The Originals we're talking about here! There was always something a little dark about Cami's beloved uncle and I'd be willing to bet that whatever his dark, family secret was is locked in whatever that key opens. And when it's unleashed, it'll make Bastiana's curse look like child's play. Why else would Francesca be hellbent on finding it if not to elevate the mortals' status over the supernatural members of the community? Will it be a hellmouth? Oh, we hope so.

Image: The CW