6 'The Tomorrow People' Romances Ranked (Sorry, Cara and Stephen)

On Monday's episode of The Tomorrow People, "Kill Switch," the series geared up for next week's finale in a big way: It gave Jedikiah the TP powers he's been jonesing for all year. The show is still on the bubble (and things aren't looking great for its chances of renewal) so it's a lot to tie up in next week's finale. Add to that the revelation that Hillary's assassination attempt failed and the Founder is still alive, and you've got a lot of loose ends. But Uncle Jed's powers and the Founder's escape aren't all fans will be looking to see resolved next week; The Tomorrow People also took a step toward pairing John and Astrid romantically this week. I don't want to say I told you so, but I told you so.

In honor of John and Astrid's too-long-in-the-making love affair, I'm ranking the TTP hookups, relationships, and flirty pairs from worst to best.

6. Cara and Stephen.

Cara followed up her weirdly nonphysically, but quasi-romantic relationship with a tryst with new TP and, let's not forget, high school student, Stephen. They had a one night stand that was probably meant to be hot and heavy, but came off as forced and, as a result, it fizzled quickly. Good riddance to this hookup.

5. Cara and John.

John and Cara's weird pseudo-romantic, but mostly platonic relationship at the beginning of the series was intriguing, but totally unbelievable. Peyton List and Luke Mitchell lack the chemistry required to pull off that kind of sexual-tension-bubbling-just-beneath-the-surface relationship. We weren't sure if they were purposefully celibate or just really private about their affection, but these two were hands-off until well after Cara cheated with Stephen.

4. Marla and Roger.

Even though they've shared almost no conscious screen time this season, Marla and Roger seem like a solidly okay couple. And since most of the pairings on the show have reeked of disappointment, nothing is almost better than something.

3. Jedikiah and Morgan.

The secret relationship between Ultra super agent and Tomorrow Person Morgan Burke was an awesome twist for the series and for Jed's character. It was a shame that the relationship ended so soon after we found out about it. It was one of the first moments that clued viewers into Jed's potential as a good guy, or at least someone more ambiguous.

2. Stephen and Hillary.

Sure, they started as a couple you kind of had to hate. She was a horrible climber, and later, a dastardly spy, but they were about as sexy as I imagine any couple could be with Stephen as half of it. Plus, by the end, she proved her love for him with a pretty bold and selfless act (even if it didn't go as planned).

1. John and Astrid.

Finally. I can't say I'm sorry to see the show go, if it misses the bubble, but I am glad to see John and Astrid coming together before it does. As the only two likable people on the show, they deserve each other.

Image: The CW