11 Foods with Unbelievably Weird Names Because Foodies Have an Odd Sense of Humor

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Let’s face it — we foodies are an odd breed. After all, we love our cast-iron skillets like our own babies. And when we say we’ll try anything once, we really mean it. Bone marrow? Obviously. Fried thymus gland? Yes, please. So, naturally, we passed on our weirdness to the foods we love best.

There are some names that just make us giggle — between bubble and squeak and toad in a hole, Britain has a monopoly on that front. There are also the downright psychotic ones (hey there, priest stranglers) that sound like you should be wearing a straight jacket. But you know what? There’s no shame in eating head cheese or devils on horseback — so roll up your sleeves and let your foodie flag fly.

Image: Pomelo

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