Justin Bieber's "We Were Born For This" is Step Two on the Road to Recovery — LISTEN

Anyone who hasn't written Justin Bieber off completely and isn't blindly obsessed with him has been quietly hoping that the singer would get help. Bieber has been kicked out of more places than he should be proud to admit to and the petition for Bieber's deportation to Canada got so many signatures that the White House was forced to acknowledge it. Nothing screams cry for help like a petition for deportation with over 250,000 signatures on it, right? Bieber is a musician so it makes sense that if he was going to address his issues then he would use music as the medium in which to do so. Following his release of the single "Hard 2 Face Reality", the Biebs dropped another free single on his Twitter on Monday called "We Were Born For This", like he's completing some sort of musical twelve step program.

The first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem. That was the general idea behind "Hard 2 Face Reality", which you can tell from the title even if you don't bother to listen to the whole song. In "We Were Born For This", Bieber reflects on his life and position, reaffirms that this — presumably his career in the music business and influence on impressionable young minds — is what he wants in life, and admits to drawing strength from all the people who continue to support him on his journey.

"Look at all the people standing outside, so dedicated," sings Bieber. "Your love doesn’t go unrecognized."

As if there was any doubt to who the soulful ballad was going out to, Bieber followed the release of the song up by tweeting and retweeting numerous pictures of himself with his fans.

Justin Bieber has let the world down too many times for an objective observer to truly get excited about what seems to be a promising start. This is the boy who got another tattoo not even a month after swearing off them, after all. And the boy who skipped out of the United States (and a DUI trial) to go on a vacation to Japan with his mother. And the boy whose list of crimes still far outweighs the steps he's taking to atone for them. Bieber's free singles are sending out a good message, but if they're not backed up with actions then we'll be right back where we started.

Then again, in Bieber's case, is there anywhere left to go but up?

Listen to his new song here.