Juan Pablo Galavis' 'DWTS' Appearance Doesn't Mean He's Back on ABC's Good Side

JP's back on television! Or at least Juan Pablo Galavis was back for one night on Dancing with the Stars because it was their Latin-themed night, and who knows Latin better than our good friend JP? No, he wasn't dancing, but he was in the audience with girlfriend Nikki Ferrell. So what does this mean for Juan Pablo and ABC? Have they fixed their friendship? Because the last we saw, ABC was pretty angry with JP and he was just as mad at them, too. They told him no DWTS for him, he refused to show up for his Good Morning America interview, and so on and so forth.

You don't just get to go on DWTS even if you are a former Bachelor, you have to be invited to the taping. So with his ABC-hatred apparently remedied, does this mean he'll be open to appearing on some other ABC shows? Will we get to see him and Nikki pop by Jimmy Kimmel and discuss how he probably still hasn't told her he loves her? But more importantly, will he show up for future Bachelor events? Will he be back to watch the "Men Tell All" episode? Will he stop by Andi's "After the Final Rose" ceremony like Sean and Catherine have in the past?

Not if Chris Harrison has anything to do with it. The charming host spent a whole season trying not to badmouth this guy, but ever since the show ended he's been more open about his opinions. The consensus seems to be that Harrison + JP is not a match made in heaven. Just last week Harrison complained more about the former Bachelor saying, "He was one of those guys, you'll never kind of understand the depths of him. Nobody could ever have the problems he has had. And no matter what happened, what situation, he was the victim."

While Harrison's comments are pretty on point, it just goes to show that the hard feelings between these two are not likely to dissipate on Harrison's side. Does Harrison have veto power if ABC wants to bring JP back? Who knows.

I don't really think JP will be invited back for this upcoming season since he and Bachelorette Andi Dorfman ended so poorly. But maybe he'll stop by to advise the next Bachelor. By then a year will have passed any maybe all offended parties will have moved on.

One person I do see returning for Andi's season, though? Nikki. She and Andi are real life BFFs and I can totally see her stopping by at some point along the process to give Andi some words of wisdom.

Andi will just have to hope that she doesn't bring her boyfriend along for the trip.

Images: crushable; Martha Sorren