Juan Pablo Galavis Skipping 'GMA' Is Just the Tip of the Dramatic Post-'Bachelor' Iceberg

Just what exactly is going on between Juan Pablo and The Bachelor's network ABC? We already knew that Juan Pablo had essentially written the show off and its parent network by refusing to do the usual Bachelor press junket on shows like Jimmy Kimmel and Good Morning America (and forcing Bachelor host Chris Harrison to fill in for him.) Did it really all start when Dancing with the Stars, also an ABC show, decided JP was too risky of a contestant choice? Or is there something more to this feud? Based on Juan Pablo's Twitter feed, we're going with "Yes."

One of Juan Pablo's favorite pastimes is posting passive aggressive Tweets and Instagrams as if no one could possibly figure out who or what he's dissing. Though he's thrown a few digs at haters in general (especially the ones who hide behind computers, a.k.a. me) most of his tweets of late are easily recognizable as anti-ABC/The Bachelor. Case in point is this one that he sent out the day the finale aired: "The day has COME... Finally TODAY the soap opera comes to an END..."

Unlike many Bachelors (a.k.a. ABC fav Sean Lowe) who enjoyed their journeys, JP compares his to the dreaded soap opera, and it seems like he couldn't wait to get off of the show, out of his contract, and be able to do what he wanted again. But the troubles with ABC didn't end when "After the Final Rose" finished taping.

First JP revealed a video he made for girlfriend Nikki showing a lot more emotion than he'd exhibited on the show, much to everyone's frustration. It seems that JP didn't have a problem with being honest about his feelings, he just wanted to do it on his own terms and not have anything to do with ABC.

It's clear that's what he's referencing in this tweet. He's just super glad to not be under contract anymore. But wait. One more part of JP's life seems to be stifled by the show: his People Bachelor blog. Juan Pablo wrote one for every week of the show, but mysteriously the one for the big finale never appeared. I wrote this off as him not wanting to do any press at all after already seeing him ditch GMA, but it seems there's more to that story. If there's one thing we know Juan Pablo values above all else it's honesty. Honesty to the point of being an asshole. So this series of frustrated tweets demonstrates how much Juan Pablo is battling with ABC for them to apparently be censoring his Bachelor blog. What was he going to say? Why aren't they releasing it? Did he reveal something the production wanted to keep under wraps?

We know Chris Harrison said of El Bachelor, "I’m not sure when or where along the way Juan Pablo decided to fight this whole process, but he certainly did." With all this evidence appearing as the show fades away, one thing is painfully clear: Juan Pablo wants nothing to do with the ABC network, and they seem pretty happy without him too.