Is 'Neighbors' Star Zac Efron a Secret Prude? Aww, It Kind Of Seems Like It

Apparently, Zac Efron isn't as comfortable with being vulgar and sexual as we thought. The Neighbors' star, who's had his praises sung by costar Seth Rogen and the guys of Workaholics recently, might actually be a secret prude. And we were just too busy ogling at the Efron, the perfect human specimen, — with Rogen's guidance — to notice. According to a recent red carpet interview, Efron was worried there were too many dick jokes in Neighbors. So, is Efron a little more sensitive to vulgarity than we assumed?

In the red carpet interview with E! News on Monday night, Efron was grilled on a variety of topics — including his thoughts on dildos, the aforementioned dick jokes, and going full-frontal. And he's actually kind of awkward about all of them. First, the star called dildos "just funny" and then he went on to implicate himself as the Nervous Nelly of the Neighbors cast. How? By fearing the sheer excess of dick jokes in the otherwise meant-to-be-vulgar film. Efron told E!:

I was worried about how many d--k jokes there were. I was like, 'Guys, we're going overboard.' There were...a lot of them are in the movie.

For a guy who proudly dropped trough in the Neighbors / Workaholics crossover promo and let everyone exclaim praises of his manhood, being worried about dick jokes just doesn't make sense. Sure, he probably didn't want the film to be blacklisted. But c'mon Zac Efron, your costume in The Awkward Moment actually gave a dildo a starring role. A little dick joking doesn't hurt anyone — and honestly, no one's going to even remember those jokes after watching Rogen's onscreen baby put a condom in its mouth. Efron should be more worried about that if he's going to be concerned about Neighbors vulgarity at all.

Efron's dick-joke worries come just a few days after the actor explained "sack tapping" on The Graham Norton Show. Norton asked the actor whether or not he was good at "sack tap" — even though Efron never went to college and is only playing a fraternity president in Neighbors — and Efron was kind of embarrassed, but described the "fraternity-esque game" anyway, before following up defensively that it's not his style. Efron told the host:

I wasn't good at it, I don't know what you mean by that. I avoided it at all cost.

Well, shit, we didn't mean to offend you.

The Neighbors star also told E! that he has no intentions of venturing into full-frontal nudity anytime soon — well, unless the guys from Neighbors can convince him.

So, sorry, everyone. I guess we won't be finding out if Efron's "balls have a six pack" or if he actually possesses "the Lebron James of cocks." But really, if he's so weary about over-discussing penises, how did he let that gag go on for so long? If you're a prude, Efron, just say it — we won't judge.