Zac Efron's 'Magic Mike' Dance Moves in 'Workaholics' Clip Are a Thing of Beauty — VIDEO

Seth Rogen and Zac Efron are nothing if not inventive in their marketing strategies. All the trailers for Neighbors have already made it seem like it's going to be the most hilarious and raunchy movie since The Hangover (Unrated), but that's not good enough for Rogen and Efron. There was a Twitter meltdown when Efron went shirtless at the MTV Movie Awards. Rogen admitted on Conan O'Brien that Efron is the "sexiest motherf—er alive". It's clear that they've figured out what the real selling point of this movie is: Zac Efron and how handsome he is. The joke was taken one step further in the latest Neighbors promo. In it, Rogen and Efron interview for Workaholics, fighting for that coveted fourth spot in their cubicle.

Spoiler alert: Efron wins the spot. Rogen tried his best, but he just couldn't compete with Efron's blue eyes, which the three titular workaholics compared to "oceans", or his handsome face or his youthful age. But the earliest indication that Efron was going to win this one was the lap dance he gives to Blake Anderson and Adam Devine. He might have been interviewing for the Workaholics, but the clip would work equally well as an audition tape for Magic Mike.

Ever since Warner Bros. announced that Magic Mike was getting a sequel, we've all been waiting with bated breath to find out what it's about. And since Efron is rumored to be dating Halston Sage, there's no other way we're going to get to see him shirtless outside of movies. That means now's as good a time as any for him to join the cast of the Magic Mike sequel. His body is one of the most hotly discussed things on the Internet right now and he's not exactly shy about showing it off. After all, in the sketch Efron casually pulls down his zipper to prove to the Workaholics that he is circumcised. (It makes sense in context.)

Now that we've seen how well Efron can bust a sexy move, it seems like the next logical step to start campaigning for him to appear in the Magic Mike sequel. Come on, Internet. Don't let me down.

Watch the sketch below.

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Image: Comedy Central