Daniel Radcliffe's Tony Snub Has Made 'Harry Potter' Fans Lose Their Minds

You don't just snub Harry Potter and get away with it, and fans are not happy that Daniel Radcliffe did not get nominated for a Tony Award. This isn't the first time the thespian has been snubbed; his theatrical resume is impressive, and it is consistently ignored by Broadway's elite. But hey, he's in good company — veteran actor Denzel Washington also didn't get a nomination, either.

Radcliffe, who is currently starring on Broadway in The Cripple of Inishmaan , received adulation from critics for his performance, and still — no nomination, nothing. He previously took off his pants and got physical with a horse in Equus, and also received zero recognition from the Tonys. In 2011, he executed his skills as a song and dance man in How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, and once again, didn't get a nomination. Some fans figured that his third time on The Great White Way would be the charm, but it looks what we've got here is a worse case of the Leonardo DiCaprio syndrome, except in this instance, Radcliffe doesn't even get a nomination. Theater people, I tell you!

But those muggles who nominate esteemed theaterfolk for awards? They shouldn't mess with Harry Potter fans because Harry Potter fans will take to Twitter and express their emotions. These folks are sharing passionate stuff on the Internet:

Fortunately, the show itself earned a nomination, even if Radcliffe didn't catch a break. Perhaps if getting naked, singing and dancing, and limping is not enough to earn an award, he'll have to get naked while singing and dancing and limping at the same time in a one man show called The Cripple of Equus Trying Without Really Succeeding... or something like that? Good luck, Danrad!