Did 'Glee' Just Give Naya The Boot?

Well, it appears we've got our answer as to whether or not Santana Lopez will return for Glee Season 6. According to The Daily News, the FOX musical dramedy is going to be short one sassy, former cheerleader from Lima Heights when the show takes its final bow. Allegedly, Naya Rivera has been fired from Glee following earlier reports that the actress was feuding with Lea Michele.

Just shy of two weeks ago, reports surfaced that Rivera was fed up with Lea Michele's "diva antics" and that Rivera went to producers to complain, on behalf of the whole cast and crew, about her co-star holding everyone. Rumors swirled about which actress stormed off/was removed from the set, but we were apparently all wrong about what allegedly went down.

Sources told The Daily News that Rivera didn't go to producers to complain exclusively about Lea Michele's on-set behavior. The actress allegedly had a bone to pick with the producers themselves and Michele's name just got caught in the crossfire. A source even went so far as to say that the supposed argument "had nothing to do with Lea." Which might not necessarily be true — considering one of the biggest issues Rivera reportedly had was jealousy over the preferential treatment Michele received on set.

Either way, Glee's producers are allegedly so not dealing with that drama — I mean, they aren't Mr. Schuester. They don't have time to have a diva-off to see who stays and who goes.

So what should we believe — if anything, it's that Michele may not have had anything to do with this. Shocking, I know, considering how hard Rachel Berry tried to get Santana fired from being her Funny Girl understudy. A "production insider" told The Daily News: "One costar would not have any power in whether another returns to the show."

Well, that's good to know.

Aside from The Daily News' report, PopWrapped's co-founder, Zachary Jaydon tweeted that he's received confirmation that Rivera has been written out of show's finale. And, rounding out these firing rumors, #NoNayaNoGlee is currently trending on Twitter.

I, for one, can't imagine a Glee without Santana's epic voice and her quick-witted insults. So, if the rumors are true, all Glee fans had better start flexing their muscles and hoping that history will repeat itself. Because if they were able to bring back Sam from his write-off, we'll likely see Naya Rivera return to Glee very soon.

I mean, she probably didn't mean to allegedly fly off the handle anyway.

UPDATE: Naya Rivera was NOT fired from Glee, her rep confirms.

Image: Rebloggy