Paris Jackson's Movie Will Go On While Marilyn Manson Pays Tribute to Teen. Ugh.

This won't be a hopelessly devoted Chris Crocker-style freakout, but seriously, can people leave Paris Jackson alone?

Not only does she have to deal with all the baggage that comes with being the progeny of Michael Jackson, but Jackson was also hospitalized Wednesday after taking 20 Motrin painkillers and attempting to slit her wrists with a butcher knife. (TMZ reported that Paris "threw a fit" hours before her suicide attempt because she was not allowed to attend a Marilyn Manson concert.)

And 15-year-old Paris continues to make headlines against her will while she's still in the hospital (the same one her father was taken to after his death). The producers of the movie she's set to star in, "Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys," still insist on Jackson being in the film, despite the fact that Jackson's mental state will make their insurance costs go through the roof. Of course, it could be worth it for producers — the publicity surrounding the teen's health will more than make up for the insurance costs.

To boot, Marilyn Manson dedicated his song "Disposable Teens" to Jackson at his concert Thursday and simulated cutting his wrists with a knife attached to a microphone. Manson has done the simulation before in his live shows, but suicide prevention groups are calling it harmful (plus, an easy way to score a headline), especially in light of Jackson's situation.

As we've already mentioned, Jackson is not a celebrity — she's merely a celebrity's daughter. Inheriting the same level of public attention is unfair. So, please, leave her alone.

Image: Getty Images