'The Originals' Is Torn Between Two Brothers

With just two episodes left in Season 1, The Originals finally went there with Hayley and Elijah's relationship. And the only way I could be happier about it would be if the show didn't make us have the feels about Klaus at the same time. Tuesday night's episode "A Closer Walk With Thee," set everything up for the rest of the season, but the real shining moments were between Hayley and the Mikaelson brothers. So now that they've committed to being one big happy family and living under the same roof, what's next?

We all knew this was coming, right? The entire first season of The Originals has been building towards the big, romantic moment between Hayley and Elijah — even though she's having his brother's baby. Especially after Elijah told Klaus he was #sorrynotsorry about having feelings for her two weeks ago. On Tuesday night, after the bombing in the Bayou and an extremely scary incident where Monique tried to kill Hayley, the werewolf mother-to-be moved back to the Mikaelson family home. And we all collectively sighed with relief and joy because now she's away from Jackson and crazy-eyed Oliver AND she's back within a stone's throw of Elijah.

But, because this is The Originals, everything is complicated. Tuesday night's episode showed a side of Klaus that's been hidden under his diabolical plotting for the past few weeks. Which side is that? The side where he apparently doesn't want to repeat his father's mistakes and instead he wants to be the ultimate parent. We're proud of you, Klaus, we really are. Of course, we're a little disappointed that it took dreams of Mikael and Mikael almost killing Hayley to bring out this side of you, but better late than never.

During Father Kieran's funeral procession, the brothers Mikaelson ask Hayley to return home now that the baby's coming. And, naturally, she protests because she's too much of a #badbitch now to be put up in a tower and told what to do. (YOU TELL 'EM, SISTER.) But, in the sweetest moment we've seen since Klaus saved Caroline's life on TVD, Klaus showed Hayley the nursery they had built in the family home. And I really got the feels because he totally means it when he says he wants to be a dad. Klaus and Hayley shared another moment, after her near-death experience, where she asks him why he calls Mikael his father when he doesn't deserve the title. And there was a flicker of emotion in Klaus' eyes that was either heartbreaking or heart-swelling — I couldn't decide. Either way, there I was feeling like there could be this happy, little family with them and almost wanting her to fall for Klaus. Damnit, Originals, you're so manipulative even when Klaus is sincere.

So, Elijah goes to Hayley and tells her that in his thousands of years on earth, he's never been more scared than when he thought she was dying. I was already hopped up on emotions for Klaus, so this was the most romantic thing I'd ever heard. (I'm extremely emotionally invested in Elijah and Hayley, in case you couldn't tell.) And then when they KISSED FOR THE FIRST TIME, I was actually like "YES!" Before he zapped himself away and I realized that this is so not happening right away.

It'd be almost heartless for those two, however in love they may be, to parade around in front of Klaus, who's ready to lay it all on the line for this baby. So what happens next? Klaus didn't walk in on them kissing like I assumed he would, so we're going to have to wait and see. But, I'll say this much: I totally get how Hayley's feeling: Being torn between which Mikaelson brother to root for really sucks.

Image: The CW