Justin Bieber Steals Paramore Fan Artwork & The Band Awesomely Strikes Back — PHOTOS

Justin Bieber just can't catch a break. First, he gets in trouble for things that he does, now he's getting in trouble for things that he probably didn't do. Come on, world! Cut this guy some slack! It appears Justin Bieber stole artwork from Paramore for his new single, but in his defense, he probably didn't make the decision himself. On Monday, Bieber released a new single, "We Were Born for This," and tweeted a link to the song on Songcloud. On the site, fans are able to listen to the song but some people began to notice that the artwork for the single was similar to the cover art for the band Paramore's 2011 album Riot! Bieber was also using the artwork for his Twitter photo. Both photos have since been removed.

Paramore's Riot! features cover art that looks like a pen drawing of the word "riot" written multiple times. Bieber's art look similar to this, but it is exactly the same as Paramore fan artwork that was inspired by both their album cover and a song from the album called "Born for This." The fan art was unearthed from the depths of Tumblr and, like Riot!, dates back to 2011.

Here is a picture of the Paramore fan art/Justin Bieber single art:

And here is Paramore's cover art for Riot!:

It is unlikely that Bieber actually made the decision to use the fan art himself, so he can't exactly be blamed for this, but he did unintentionally start one of the randomest music rivalries that has ever existed. Justin Bieber vs. Austin Mahone? Makes total sense. Justin Bieber vs. Paramore? Not so much.

Not only did Bieber (or, Bieber's team) take down the artwork, Paramore found out about it and struck back. Paramore spoofed Bieber's album Believe by adding in photos of themselves for their single, "Ain't It Fun."

The Paramore covers:

Bieber's original:

Ouch! That's gotta hurt! Where is this feud going to go next? I'm thinking Bieber steals lines from one of their songs forcing the band to then cover "Baby" at all of their shows.

Images: Imnotadisaster/Tumblr; Paramore/Tumblr