These Stilettos That Will Last 1,000 Years Are Your New Family Heirlooms


The time has come to retire your wardrobe of $20 Forever 21 stilettos. You'll never need another pair of heels again because the Riviera stiletto from House of Borgezie is said to last for 1,000 years. This means you basically need to pass it down to your grandchildren to get your money's worth.

House of Borgezie is a fashion house from England that carries an array of red carpet worthy designs, like this vaguely dangerous choker and matching stabby belt. The Riviera stiletto is made of the apparently indestructible combo of stainless steel and sterling silver. In this way, it is more akin to a drawer of cutlery than a pair of shoes. Creator Chris Shellis told Daily Mail that the "world's most comfortable heels [...] simply cannot age or deteriorate in any way or form." With a price tag over $1,500, this sounds about right.

No word on where the 1,000 year expiration date originated, but since no one who buys a pair of Riviera's today will be around 1,000 years from now, I guess we'll never know for sure. That makes for excellent marketing on Borgezie's part. Unless we come up with the technology for communicating with the dead, in which case if they don't last there will be a lot of deceased one-percenter great-great-great grandmothers haunting the House of Borgezie.

I think these shoes would have faired better if they didn't actually have the word Borgezie spelled out on them in giant stainless steel letters. But then again, I get my shoes at DSW, so what do I know?

Images: House of Borgezie