'Broad City's Ilana Glazer Gets Strangers To Tell Her About Their First Time Having Sex — VIDEO

Broad City made a well-earned mark on TV this season, but now that we're in hiatus, it's up to Ilana Glazer's great web series Chronic Gamer Girl to let the rest of the world know that the amazingness doesn't stop there. So far it's doing a pretty great job, like with this video in which Glazer asks a bunch of strangers about the first time they had sex.

One of Broad City's greatest strengths — and it has a lot of those — has been the way it discusses sex. It's frank, it's real, it's realistically sometimes pretty nasty. Glazer's hardly the first person to roam New York City asking people personal questions, but she's got a benevolent honesty to her that makes it understandable that the people in this video would open up to her about their stories. Glazer and comedy partner Abbi Jacobson's Broad City isn't just about the hilarious gritty realities of twentysomething life, after all — it's so beloved in part because it's full of the very open-heartedness that's on display here.

So yeah, it's official: We would like to hire Ilana Glazer as our personal lifestyle guru. We could pay her in love, discussions both deep and silly, and Doritos.

You can revel in the stories of strangers here:

Chronic Gamer Girl on YouTube

Image: Chronic Gamer Girl/Youtube