Shailene Woodley Crying During Her 'The Fault in Our Stars' Haircut Is Impossibly Adorable — VIDEO

Remember that collective gasp when Shailene Woodley cut what's probably the thickest, most wonderful hair of all time? I mean, she obviously had the perfect reason — because John Green's The Fault in Our Stars will be amazing and Woodley will be the perfect Hazel Grace Lancaster. We've seen a lot of the actress this week between the new The Fault in Our Stars extended trailer and her adorable behind the scenes banter with coster Ansel Elgort. And we're still not tired of her because we're now watching this unbelievably adorable video of Woodley cutting her hair for her TFiOS role on a continuous loop.

Earlier on Wednesday, MTV News released the aforementioned behind the scenes featurette that included an interview with Woodley and Elgort about their upcoming film. What was not included in the footage that showed off the costars' chemistry was their conversation with Woodley about her big haircut. The actress called the cut a "super fun moment," and went one further to hand over video of herself at the salon to MTV. And it is some of the most adorable few minutes we've ever seen — god, smart phones rock.

The hairdresser literally hacks through Woodley's hair, which had to be separated into four ponytails, during the video. (I knew her hair was thick, but I didn't think it was that thick. Lucky girl.) Everyone starts cheering when she finally lops off the first ponytail and, right on cue, Woodley starts to cry adorably and covers her eyes. I mean, we'd be crying too. It's safe to say that we couldn't love Woodley more now that we've seen her posing with her chopped-off pony tails.

Watch the video of her infamous haircut here: