The Vampire Mockumentary You've Been Waiting For

If you're like me, from the moment the first Twilight book broke, you've been waiting with breath dangerously bated for this newfound vampire trend to die (undie? heart-stake? Buffy-style dust-collapse?). From True Blood to The Vampire Diaries to the two-part Breaking Dawn movie and back again, our pop cultural obsession with the fanged undead appears to have reached its peak, to the point where even one more iteration threatens to drive us all batshit (b-dum-chhh!). However, you may well change your tune, as I did, after glimpsing this most recent contribution to the bloodsucking canon: What We Do in the Shadows , a mockumentary-syle vampire flick starring Jemaine Clement— which, if this newly released trailer is any indication, is essentially a mish-mash of Christopher Guest meets The Real World meets Bram Stoker's Dracula and/or Shaun of the Dead, all seasoned with a Flight of the Conchords twist. AKA, pure, hilarious magic.

The film follows a group of three 300-some-year-old vampires who live in Wellington, New Zealand, as they explain to us, through reality-TV-style interviews, the day-to-day travails of being a modern day vampire — for example, the fact that they can't get into nightclubs, because the bouncers refuse to invite them in. That kind of clever eon clash — vampire rules vs. everyday dude-dom, the lads' anachronistic Romanian accents and outfits vs. the 21st centutry setting and film style — is played absolutely straight (oh, how I missed Clement's trademark deadpan!), creating a pitch-perfect sendup of our modern day vampire obsession.

Watch the trailer for What We Do in the Shadows below — and look out for its yet-to-be-announced US release date...

Image: SundanceTV/Tumblr