Who Is Ian Somerhalder Dating? 'The Vampire Diaries' Star Finally Let the Cat Out of the Bag

I guess we can all stop wondering whether or not The Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev are dating in secret. Just kidding — we're never going to stop wondering or 'shipping them IRL. But at least now we know that there isn't any competition that would get in the way of their potential, yet inevitable reunion. Not even that fan who serenaded the actor with "Natural Woman" could come between them, because according to a recent interview with E!, Ian Somerhalder is not dating anyone. But don't star a queue yet, ladies, the "Holder of Smolder" is on the market ... but he's not looking.

A handful of rumors that linked the TVD actor with Molly Swenson, a former American Idol contestant, popped up last week but were squashed by the pair immediately. And so we were left wondering yet again what Somerhalder's dating status is, but he's finally cleared it all up for us, along with how he feels about dating in Hollywood. The actor, in response to the million dollar dating question, told E!'s Kristen Dos Santos during his interview:

There is no dating. I am solo as solo can get. I can't imagine dating in Hollywood — I'm a serial monogamist.

So that totally means he's holding out for Nina Dobrev, right? Dos Santos went on to ask him to clarify whether he meant "solo" or "so low" — to which Somerhalder replied that he meant solo as in singularity. Well, duh. And the actor went on to speculate that "dating in Hollywood has got to be gnarly."

Unless you're dating one of your costars, of course.

Would it be too soon to suggest that he and ex get back together for real? I mean, they do share a cat and Dobrev was there for the birth of his dog's puppies. Come on, guys. Please?