Jennifer Lawrence Is FHM's Sexiest Woman, So Let's Finally Agree She's "Hollywood Beautiful"

Jennifer Lawrence just got a sexy new title. Website FHM just crowned Jennifer Lawrence their Sexiest Woman In The World. Did you read that, people? J. Law is officially the world's expert on sexiness. Finally, I feel vindicated in my belief that J. Law is just as pretty, thin, and hot as the Hollywood beauty standard says she should be.

Look, I'm not trying to be cynical here. Like the rest of the world, I think Lawrence is freaking awesome. Outside of the fact that she's a triple Academy Award nominee at age 24 AND already has two major franchises under her belt, she's also the girl who you would totally pick as your celebrity best friend. She's funny and doesn't have any issue talking about awkward moments with butt plugs, admits that she's crazy for pizza 24/7, and most recently shared that she puked at a party next to Miley Cyrus who told her to "get it together." But as much as I love her nutty stories, there is one thing that I'm sick of her talking about, and that's how her body doesn't fit in to the Hollywood mold.

One of the things that makes Lawrence appear relatable is her openness when discussing her body. She revealed to Mirror that she would "rather look chubby on screen and like a person in real life" and told the Huffington Post that by Hollywood standards, she's "obese." I'm here to tell you something, Lawrence: you are not obese, nor do I really think that anyone in Hollywood has ever told you that you were.

Yes, Lawrence might not have "anorexia rumors," but that doesn't mean that her body hasn't been celebrated in the media. Her body is healthy, fit, and strong. She might not have the extremely slender frame of Keira Knightley (who was the FHM Sexiest Woman in 2006) but that doesn't mean that her body isn't accepted by industry standards. Lawrence might not be a waif, but she does have the trappings of a Hollywood hottie: flat stomach, shiny hair, flawless features. That's not to mention that Lawrence also happens to look hot virtually naked: she was, after all, chosen to play Mystique in the X-Men films, where, half the time, the only thing she is wearing is body makeup. Someone who doesn't fit the narrow definition of what a "hot body" is would not have been chosen for that role. It wouldn't have been considered.

I think it's important that Lawrence has a healthy body (and I'm sure that she works damn hard at making it look the way it does) but let's all stop pretending that Lawrence is the rare, special butterfly who is able to fly above the industry standards of hotness. FHM doesn't choose to objectify (umm, I mean celebrate) just any woman as the Sexiest Woman In The World. I'm perfectly content with thinking that Lawrence is both cool and traditionally hot — let's just stop pretending that she isn't the latter.