Drake Lint Rollers & 7 Other Insane Celeb Products

by Kadeen Griffiths

Drake really should have known that he couldn't have expected to continue his court side antics without suffering from some very real consequences. His presence at the games was amazing enough, but Drake spent his time at the NBA playoffs goofing around one time too many and now he has paid the price. That price is lint rollers. To be more specific, that price is Drake-brand OVO x Bounce lint rollers.

When Drake pulled out a lint roller and started cleaning off his pants during an NBA playoff game, the video and subsequent gif quickly went viral. Drake even poked fun at himself by posting a screen capture of the moment to his Instagram. If we, or he, thought that would be the end of it, we were wrong. This is the Internet. Nothing ever goes away on the Internet. On Wednesday, NBA TV got on Twitter to post a picture of a voucher that would allow fans to collect their very own, limited edition Drake-inspired lint rollers. The black and gold lint rollers featured a picture of the mascot of the Toronto Raptors or a picture of the owl that represents Drake's record label, October's Very Own (OVO).

Trying to wrap your mind over the fact that a rapper like Drake has his own line of lint rollers would be a more daunting task if it wasn't for the fact that he is hardly the only celebrity to have a bizarre product attached to his name. Endorsements are one thing, but, when a celebrity becomes a brand name, sometimes it just doesn't make sense.

Snooki's Headphones

Did you know that Snooki has her own line of Snooki Couture Headphones? Are you actually surprised? They're headphones, but they're fashionable headphones that are also headbands. However, headphones aren't really the first product you would think to associate with Snooki. The self-tanner, sure, but headphones?

Katy Perry's Popchips

Katy Perry has her own flavor of Popchips. Why? Well, why not? It's either a step up from an endorsement since the flavor is actually named after her or a step down because her face isn't painted on the bag. Either way, Katy's Kettle Corn is probably already at a Target near you, just in case the lyric video for Katy Perry's "Birthday" made you super hungry.

Stephen Colbert's Treadmill

Back in 2009, NASA made the mistake of letting the American public vote on the name of their new space station. Back in middle school, my class had to vote on student council president and Barney was a contender. This worked out about as well as that did. When the Colbert Nation teamed up to get Colbert elected on a write-in, NASA compromised by naming a treadmill in the space station after Colbert. And that's how the fictional character hosting a political parody talk show gets their own treadmill.

Barack Obama's Chia Pet

As the leader of the free world, you would expect to see Obama's face plastered all over everything. There are Obama shirts, Obama dolls, Obama mugs, and, apparently, Obama chia pets. I'm not saying that there needs to be much rhyme or reason behind creating something in the president's image. I'm just wondering why it had to be a chia pet. Does anyone even buy chia pets anymore?

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's Toothpaste

Considering that they're both big names in the fashion world these days, this product now kind of comes out of left field. In the past, seeing Mary-Kate and Ashley's names everywhere was a given not a surprise. You could make a library out of their tapes alone. The fact that there's Mary-Kate and Ashley Aquafresh toothpaste is hilarious in hindsight. Too bad it's out of stock on Amazon or I'd buy it just for the memories.

Bill Wyman's Metal Detector

Bill Wyman is best known for being the bassist of the Rolling Stones. He's an author, he's a photographer, he's a businessman, and he apparently has his own metal detector. As it turns out, Wyman is super into archaeology, so he designed and marketed his own metal detector that he used to search for relics in the English countryside. It makes sense, but it also makes no sense.

Nelly's Energy Drink

Nelly had a brand of energy drinks called Pimp Juice. It was inspired by the song "Pimp Juice" and apparently tastes like apples and berries, for those who have ever wondered what that would taste like. It's also only available for sale in Australia, perhaps because there's no possible way to say "Can I get some Pimp Juice?" without sounding ridiculous unless you say it with a cool accent.

Image: iHip; Popchips; NASA; Amazon; Amazon; BillWymanDetector.Com; Amazon