Justin Timberlake Hints at Michael Jackson Collaboration With Sneaky Instagram — PHOTO

Talk about a throwback Thursday — Michael Jackson is back this month with a new album. On Wednesday evening, Aaron Reid dropped a handful of popular artists' names who allegedly collaborated on the King of Pop's second posthumous album, Xscape. But on Thursday morning, Reid's comments were followed by a contradicting report from Epic Records about the collaborating artists — so who's actually on the album? Because it appears that Justin Timberlake may have confirmed his involvement on Instagram.

In a Page Six report from Wednesday, Aaron Reid, who worked on Xscape with his father L.A. Reid, announced that Mary J. Blige, Questlove, D'Angelo, and Justin Timberlake would be featured on the album. Which was cool, because it seemed to confirm details spilled by guitarist Jesse Johnson on Facebook in early April about the Xscape's collaborating artists. Well, neither announcement was correct because Epic Records set the record (ha) straight with a statement Thursday morning that read, "This is inaccurate, Mary, Questlove, nor D'Angelo are on the album." According to the now-edited Page Six report, "Mirrors" singer Justin Timberlake is the only confirmed artist on Xscape, which is set for a May 13 release.

Now that all of that's been sorted out, how do we know for sure that everyone's favorite former-boybander actually collaborated on the King of Pop's new album? Well, it appears Timberlake confirmed it with a simple Instagram photo — no caption necessary. And JT is hasn't made a mistake since the ramen-hair incident, so we trust him.

The Page Six report, in addition to Reid's inaccuracies, revealed that "Love Never Felt So Good" would be Xscape's first single and that it'd be released this Thursday. So, if this cover art means what we think it means — JT is not only on the album, but he's featured on it's first single. Which is more epic than when Jackson performed with N'SYNC at the 2001 VMAs.

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