These 'Game of Thrones' Pick-Up Lines Will Woo Any Fan — PHOTOS

How do you hit on someone in Westeros? With Game of Thrones pick up lines, of course! Thanks to the delightful existence of the Internet, we've now got memes featuring how some of your favorite characters in The Seven Kingdoms would get somebody in their pants. And hey, if you're hitting on somebody who is as big of a Game of Thrones geek as you are, this might even work! If the person's unfamiliar with might have a very, very confused person.

While most of these are essentially just puns, some of these are pretty great plays on some of the stuff that's gone down on the show in recent history. But be warned — there are SPOILERS if you're not caught up, but you watched last week's episode, right? You knew about that White Walker taking the baby, yeah? And you knew that Joffrey had kicked the metaphorical bucket, too, right? You didn't? Whoops, blame the Internet!

Anyway, here's a round-up of some of the best memes with pickup lines, but that doesn't mean the Westeros come-ons should stop there! In fact, this is a great opportunity to make up some of your own, especially ones involving Jaime's hand. Is that hand in your pocket...or is that...your hand?

Check these out! And who knows — maybe you'll want to use these at a bar this weekend (correction: probably not).

And, my personal favorite —

Image: HBO/Imgur