See Gwen And Kate's Wedding Dresses IRL

Confession: I'm super into wedding dresses. Why? They're really pretty. And...well, that's basically it. There's a reason why there are so many TV shows out there solely about the process of women finding the perfect wedding gown, people. The Victoria and Albert Museum clearly shares my obsession, and will soon display a collection of wedding gowns from 1775-2014. Among them, the gowns worn by Gwen Stefani and Kate Moss at their weddings.

While the London museum might not have Kate Middleton's gown on display (yes, I'm disappointed too), the Gwen Stefani and Kate Moss dresses are memorable in their own ways. Stefani's dress was dip-dyed pink at the bottom, perfect for a rocker-chic icon. Moss's dress, as you may remember, was embroidered with about two million sequins (fine, fine, only 270,000 of them) and brought bohemian wedding gowns to a whole new level.

Both of the dresses were designed by John Galliano, and will be part of the museum's exhibition during its run from May 3 until March 2015. These two gowns are among 80 others in the collection, including other celebrity wedding dress — the purple Vivienne Westwood number worn by Dita von Teese at her 2005 wedding to Marilyn Manson.

Another modern favorite is a Lanvin gown worn by (who other than) Sarah Jessica Parker in an episode of Sex & The City. The collection doesn't just contain dresses from the past few decades — its antique gowns from 18th and 19th centuries make a stunning mark on the exhibition as well.

Curator Edwina Ehrman said that the collection as a whole displays the spectrum of changing bridal tastes in Britain for the past 300 years.

"In the 18th century, the most prestigious fabrics for a bride were those woven with expensive gold and silver metal threads," explains Ehrman. "This was the choice of most royal brides until Queen Victoria married in white satin in 1840."

From the dress of a wealthy farmer's daughter that dates back to 1780, to Kate Moss' boho Galliano gown from 2011, the collection successfully displays bridal beauty in every form possible.

But I kind of still wish Kate Middleton's dress was there.