This is Why Charles Xavier Can Suddenly Walk

When the trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past originally debuted it left us with one big question: how on earth Charles Xavier is walking? Fans of the series will remember that he was left crippled at the end of X-Men: First Class after Magneto sent a bullet into Xavier's spine. Well now your answer to how Xavier can walk is here. Warning: it's kind of spoiler-y, so if you want to keep the mystery until the film is out in theaters on May 23, you should stop reading now.

All good? Great. A new clip released to promote the movie gives a very simple explanation for the young Xavier being able to walk. He explains to Magneto that he's been able to get rid of the wheelchair because he's receiving medical treatment for his spine. The catch? He loses his powers because the treatment affects his DNA. Magneto asks what we would all ask, "You sacrificed your powers so you could walk?" And apparently the answer is yes.

Of course, we all know that's not a permanent solution. The bald Charles Xavier we all know and love is wheelchair-bound in the future. So now this movie will have to address how that comes to be when younger Xavier seems pretty content to be up-and-about, even if it means he loses what makes him mutant.

You can watch the clip below, which addresses the walking thing right off the bat and then delves into a much more sinister fight between the two friends, who seem to be a tad on the outs right now.

Image: Marvel Entertainment