Bill O'Reilly Is A Secret Beyonce Fan, You Guys — VIDEOS

Thursday night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart took on Bill O'Reilly's apparent beef with Beyonce, introducing a hilarious new segment: "Beywatch." Stewart calls O'Reilly out on his bizarre fixation with Beyonce, which, as Stewart points out, borders on comical obsession. O'Reilly has been an outspoken critic of Beyonce's "Partition" video in particular, voicing his disapproval of the song's overtly sexual message and claiming Beyonce sets a bad example for young women, calling the video "exploitative garbage" and blames her for societal ills such as teen pregnancy.

For someone who dislikes Beyonce's "libertine" video so much, O'Reilly sure does talk about Beyonce a lot. It seems like he can't stop talking about Beyonce, or making her music a topic for debate. O'Reilly's run seven reports on her on The O'Reilly Factor. SEVEN! That's a lot of air-time to devote to someone who, according to O'Reilly, is trying to corrupt America's youth with a message of wanton free-for-all sex.

Is O'Reilly just concern-trolling? Or, as Stewart speculates, is O'Reilly secretly really, really into Beyonce (or as O'Reilly says, "Be-yon-SAY")? O'Reilly certainly does like to find excuses to run sexxxy clips from "Partition." As seen in his interview with Rusell Simmons, O'Reilly also enjoys bringing Bey into the conversation without any kind of preface or introduction other than "Explain this: Beyonce."

Adorlee Sylvain on YouTube

So, is O'Reilly just hiding his "disapproval boner" with faux-outrage? Is he embarrassed to admit that he secretly holds a Beyhive platinum membership card?

Stewart proves what all die-hard Beyonce fans know to be true: that, try as we might to deny it, there is a Bey fan within all of us. Maybe even Bill O'Reilly.

And for anyone who's unclear about the proper pronunciation of Beyonce's name:

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We can't wait to see O'Reilly front row at Beyonce's concert any day now.