6 Ways ‘Bachelorette’ Andi Dorfman’s Season Will Be Different From Juan Pablo's

Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette is coming up on May 19, but in the meantime Mr. "In The History Of The Bachelor" himself is spreading all the inside news. Chris Harrison says Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette is a "breath of fresh air" after Juan Pablo Galavis' time on the show and he attributes this to the fact that she's a lawyer. Well, and the fact she's not a total a-hole like Juan Pablo, but he doesn't say that exactly. Harrison told ABC News of the lawyer-turned-bachelorette,

I love the way she approaches everything. Because of her background, she's very analytical and she's methodical about approaching things almost like a case. She's a great investigator and she knows more about these guys in a very short time than any of our bachelorettes have known in an entire season! You can ask her about the final ten guys and she could name every brother, parent. It's astounding!

Andi is the opposite of Juan Pablo. One of the reasons she ditched him on The Bachelor was because he didn't know anything about her. And she was in the final three! It's clear that Andi's season is going to be a lot different than Juan Pablo's, so how will this come out in the show? Here's some ideas:

Andi Will Actually Know The Guys

The whole point of this show is for one person to get to know a bunch of people very well, very quickly so they can decide if they want to get married. (By the way, if it wasn't obvious, this show is insane.) Juan Pablo didn't do this. He didn't seem to know anything about the women, didn't listen to them, and just asked for "besitos" all the time. He was there "for the wrong reasons," but Andi is not. Andi is so convinced this process works that she's trying it for a second time. Remember that time Andi knew Juan Pablo was Catholic? She even listens to people who don't listen to her.

More Ridiculous Love Metaphors!

With Andi there "for the right reasons," there should be no shortage of absurd metaphors for love. On a water skiing date Andi will say when she's with [insert bachelor] she feels like she's floating on water. When the group travels to Ireland she'll say her soul feels fuller than a fresh pint of Guinness. [Insert bachelor] will make her heart skip a beat when the show participates in a cross-promotional group date with Dr. Dre's Beats headphones.

She Won't Talk To The Guys About Each Other

This point should be obvious, but Juan Pablo had some trouble with it. When Andi left the show, she explained that Juan Pablo talked to her about his experiences in fantasy suite with the other women. Gross!

Guys Will Go Home Early

Andi doesn't mess around. If she doesn't like something, she speaks up and changes it. We learned that when she didn't wait around for the Rose Ceremony to announce that she was leaving the show. This will likely come into effect on The Bachelorette too. If she can tell she doesn't like a guy, she should have no problem sending him packing before Chris Harrison dings that champagne glass.

The Guys Won't Be Able To Trick Her

There's always one or two men who are sneaky about their lives back home. Usually this means a secret girlfriend that he isn't exactly broken up with. This won't get passed Andi. She's a lawyer and will be able to see right through their lies!

She'll End Up Finding Someone

Maybe she won't marry him, but with Andi's ability to figure out which guys are great and which guys are losers early on, she'll probably end up with the right guy. It might not be the right guy for her in the long run, but out of the 20 or so people she's provided with, she's choose the best one.

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