'OUAT's Josh Dallas & Ginnifer Goodwin Are Married Happily Ever After, Unlike Their Characters

If you're watching Once Upon a Time, you know that Snow White and Prince Charming have the ultimate love story. And if you're reading the tabloids, you know that the co-stars who play them — Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas — have one of their very own. After several years of dating, the Once Upon a Time co-stars are married and expecting, which just so happens to be the exact status of their fairy tale counterparts.

So how did these two end up getting together? According to reports, sparks flew between the two on the Vancouver, Canada set of the ABC drama in 2011. In fact, the co-stars were a couple long before their characters finally reunited at the end of Season 1. (Stupid curse.) In October of 2013, Dallas and Goodwin announced that they had gotten engaged. Only a few weeks later did they reveal that they were also expecting their first child together.

Goodwin and Dallas officially tied the knot this month and are expecting their son or daughter soon. Goodwin's due date is currently under wraps, as is the gender of their child, but the couple seems blissfully happy and excited to welcome their newest addition. Looks like these two really nailed the whole "happily ever after" thing — both on and off screen.

Image: tumblr