Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt's New Movie Could Be the Next Great American Comedy

Important Brangelina news! Deadline reports Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are in "early talks" to star in a movie together. HUBBA HUBBA. This would be the first time the Hollywood power couple has appeared on the silver screen together since 2005's Mr. And Mrs. Smith. So, what else do we know about this potential Jolie/Pitt project? Jolie penned the script. Innnnteresting. What is the script? What's it about? What's the story? What's the genre? That, my friends, remains a mystery.

A mystery that inspired the following chat (yes, this is a chat I had with myself):

KRISTIE 1: The script is dramatic and it is going to be a dramatic movie, no question. It will not be Mr. And Mrs. Smith Part Deux: They're Still Sexy. It's going to be serious. I mean, the one movie Jolie's written is In the Land of Blood and Honey.

KRISTIE 2: It could be dramatic, yes, but what if it is a comedy? Think about it. What if Jolie wrote the next great American comedy? Just because she's written one drama doesn't mean that's all she can do. Don't be so closed-minded.

K 1: Okay, okay. But you have to admit, "Jolie and Pitt starring in a Jolie-penned movie" sounds more "Oscar baity drama" than "great American comedy."

K 2: Comedies can be Oscar-worthy, you jerk. It could be an Oscar baity comedy.

K 1: That's totally fair.

K 2: And you know Pitt and Jolie could sell a comedy. They've done it before. They're funny. Maybe Jolie has had a fantastic comedic script up her sleeve for all of these years, and she's ready to unleash it on the world now.

K 1: Wow. I've never even considered that. Do you think it could be an action-comedy? I love an action-comedy.

K 2: I don't know. But I'm not going to rule it out. I'm not going to rule anything out. It could be a western. It could be a sci-fi story. It could be animated. It could be a musical.

K 1: So... any genre?

K 2: Uh huh.

K 1: Wait, can they sing?

K 2: I don't know. Again, not going to rule it out.

K 1: Okay, then. Movie could be anything. Got it. Cool chat.